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South Brittany

And what if, this year, you dared to try Brittany... A country of seafarers and legends, Brittany offers everything you are looking for when you spend your holidays aboard a catamaran: scenery out of your dreams, cruising in protected bays, offshore trips, delightful anchorages... A destination to be (re)discovered! 


Lorient, La Trinité sur Mer, the Golfe du Morbihan – names which smack of ocean racing and regattas. The Lorient submarine base now houses the most beautiful ocean racing multihulls (Idec – Groupama…) and La Trinité sur Mer remains THE mythical port for multihulls from the 80s to the present day.

The Baie de Quiberon is very well-protected; it offers numerous anchorages, notably around Houat, the first objective for all cruises in the Baie de Quiberon, just 11 miles from Lorient; or again, Hoedic, smaller and more isolated than Houat.

A bit further afield, after the Teignouse pass, Belle Ile offers many picturesque anchorages: Ster Wen or Port Kerel on the ‘côte sauvage’ are two of the most beautiful anchorages in South Brittany, and bear a slight resemblance to the Norwegian fjords, but with the sunshine in addition!

The Golfe du Morbihan is a real 100 km² interior sea, dotted with countless islands and as many little deserted and extraordinary anchorages. All you have to do is look to find what makes you happy. Vannes, a fortified Breton town at the top of the Golfe offers nice restaurants and some good walks in the heart of a typically Breton city.

Another arm of the ‘Golfe’, the Auray river, leads to the small port of Bono, which offers the calmest of shelters in the heart of nature and the vegetation. A must, not to be missed under any circumstances.

Beyond the Baie de Quiberon, the Glénans archipelago is about 60 miles north-west of La Trinité. Made up of 11 islands and a multitude of small islets, the Glénans offers white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, just like those on the other side of the Atlantic, or almost… How to feel that you are on the other side of the world without suffering long hours in an aeroplane.  



Leaving from Lorient:
Through its exceptional geographic situation, in the centre of South Brittany, it allows all the options: to starboard – Concarneau bay, the Glénans, Bénodet, Douarnenez and the Mer d’Iroise. To port – Belle-Ile, the Golfe de Morbihan, Houat and the Baie de Quiberon.

Leaving from La Trinité sur Mer:
This is the ideal departure point for discovering the Baie de Quiberon, its islands and the Golfe du Morbihan. Or for longer cruises, towards the southern islands: Noirmoutier and Yeu.

Leaving from Quiberon - Port Haliguen:
Situated on the bay side, at the tip of the Quiberon peninsula, Port Haliguen is the ideal departure point for cruises to the Golfe du Morbihan and the islands of South Brittany…Belle Ile, Houat and Hoedic are only a few miles away.

Leaving from Le Crouesty:
At the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula, the port of Le Crouesty dominates the entrance to the Golfe du Morbihan.
This deep water port can accommodate more than 2,000 boats. Numerous shops and restaurants border the quays and ensure some pleasant convivial moments when you return ashore. Le Crouesty opens onto both the Golfe du Morbihan and the Atlantic. 
It is a pleasure to discover the calm of the ‘Golfe’, its numerous small islands, its superb beauty spots and the Auray or Vannes rivers.
It is also a pleasure to confront the ocean, as far as Houat, Hoedic and Belle Ile, a little natural paradise with unequalled Breton scenery, picturesque harbours and peaceful anchorages.


Practical Brittany

Getting there: you can get to Lorient by train (3 hours 40 minutes from Paris), by car (500 km from Paris) or by air (Lorient airport – 4 flights per day from Paris, Orly).

The weather: the ideal season for cruising in Brittany begins at Easter and finishes at the end of September. The days can be very sunny, but gales cannot be ruled out… It is essential to follow the weather forecasts closely and revise your tide calculations before embarking.

Good to know: this is the realm of the sea birds and the green, blue or grey seas… South Brittany lives to the rhythm of the tides and the moods of the winds. You must therefore adjust your programme according to Mother Nature!

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