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Bali, the island of the gods

Bali is famous for the beauty of its scenery and the quality of its underwater life. Its surf spots are amongst the most beautiful on the planet. In a word, it’s a perfect destination. Since a short while ago, you can even charter a catamaran here… 


Situated in the Indonesian archipelago, between Java and Lombok, the island of Bali is a real gem, sitting on a necklace of pearls. The archipelago includes around 17,000 coral islands, between Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Bali is perhaps one of the most beautiful, in any case one of the most well-known for offering exceptional scenery – from its terraced rice fields to its inextricable jungle via its volcano…which is particularly active at the moment. And then there are Bali’s beaches, praised the world over for their beauty. The seabed is amongst the most beautiful in the world, and divers – with tanks or without – don’t hesitate to spend many hours in a plane to be lucky enough to come and play around the coral and the multi-colored fish. In short, the island is a delight. However the offer from the nautical industry is rather small, given the potential. There are no boats being offered bareboat (without skipper), but a few private owners offer to take you cruising by chartering the whole boat, or on a per cabin basis. More often than not, the cruise consists of sailing between Bali and the neighboring island of Lombok. These two islands offer white sand beaches bordered by turquoise waters where manta rays, turtles, giant moon fish and a multitude of clown fish like to bask.

Cruising in Bali means allowing yourself to discover a new adventure every day, with an incredible panorama at each anchorage. The beaches at Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, the islands of Gili, Senggigi, Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede, Nusa Penida and Pulau Serangan are a few of the wonders to be discovered by boat. Don’t miss Mushroom Bay on Nusa Lembongan, so called because of the shape of its coral. From afar, Nusa Penida could seem to be deserted, but Crystal Bay is one of the most famous and popular dive and snorkeling sites in Indonesia. Gili Meno, the smallest of the three Gili islands, has its own turtle sanctuary, where small pools on the beach serve as nurseries for the baby turtles.


Dream Yacht Charter is offering Bali as a destination in a catamaran from its fleet. Bare boat charter is not available, but the skipper will take you to visit his secret spots… Here is a typical itinerary proposed by the charter company.

Day 1

BENOA MARINA – SANUR (6 nm / 1 h)

Embarkation at 5 pm in Benoa Harbour Marina. After settling in aboard, you sail for around 1 hour to Sanur Beach, almost 5 km long, on the east coast of Bali. Here the safety briefing takes place, then you eat aboard. A night in the anchorage off Sanur.

Day 2

SANUR – NUSA LEMBONGAN (20 nm / 3 h)

After a first swim, you set sail for Nusa Lembongan and Mushroom Bay, so called because of the shape of the coral, and well-known for its luminous white sandy beach in the shape of a crescent. Its inhabitants are for the majority Hindus, building traditional wooden boats and making use of the red seaweed (carraghenane).

Short sail to the ‘Manta Ray Bay’. Then anchorage for the night in the Cennigan channel.

Day 3


Early departure for the Gili Islands, 3 small islands with white sand beaches, bordered with coconut trees and surrounded by turquoise waters: a glimpse of paradise. In the south of Gili Meno, the smallest, calmest and most welcoming island in the archipelago, you can take the time to explore the island and dive with mask, fins and snorkel. It takes about two hours to walk round the island. You can visit the turtle sanctuary and its small pools on the beach, teeming with baby turtles. The underwater life in the Gilis, surrounded by coral reefs, is incredible and full of turtles, manta rays, clown fish and innumerable very colorful species. Gili Air was the first to be inhabited by fishing families. The coconut plantations and fishing are still the mainstays of the local economy. Here you will discover the most beautiful beaches and the most beautiful snorkeling spots, just next to some perfect beaches.

Day 4


To the west of Lombok, Senggigi is one of the most beautiful spots visited during your cruise. Lombok is a unique blend of Balian, Chinese and Arab influences. Senggigi offers spectacular scenery: huge bays, fine sand beaches fringed with coconut trees, tropical jungle, and exceptional snorkeling sites.

Excursion possibilities (extra): half-day to the island of Lombok; visit to the monkey forest, the local market and Lingsar Temple, built in 1714 right in the middle of the delightful décor of the rice fields.

Day 5


Sail to Poh Island, for a snorkeling session. Then you cruise to Gili Nanggu, a small island off the west coast of Lombok, with lush vegetation. Swimming; night at anchor.

Day 6


Cruise along the south-west coast and stops on some wonderful small islands for swimming and snorkeling. This coast has an abundance of deserted beaches with crystal-clear waters, small islands surrounded by turquoise seas, pearl farms and old mosques. The welcome by the local population is very warm. Night at anchor off Gede Island.

Day 7


Sail to Nusa Penida (Crystal Bay). Crystal Bay is a superb beach on the north coast of the island of Nusa Penida. Time seems to have stopped here, the population still lives according to its secular traditions. The afternoon is spent in the serenity of this little bay with crystal-clear waters, whose white sand beach is one of the most beautiful on Bali, and one of the best snorkelling spots. In the afternoon, you sail to Pulau Serangan lagoon, where you spend your last night aboard.

Day 8


Early departure for Benoa Harbour Marina, where you disembark after breakfast. It’s finished already!


- Formalities: a 30-day visa is issued by the authorities in return for 25 dollars, on arrival. In addition, a passport valid for 6 months after you leave Indonesian territory is necessary. It is also possible to obtain a 60-day visa, but in that case, you must visit the Indonesian embassy in your country.

- Weather: It is fine and hot all the year round on Bali. The period from June to September is cooler and dryer. The weather remains wetter from January to March. The wind blows all the year round, keeping you cool and allowing good sailing.

- Temperatures: between 25 and 32°C

- Cruising conditions: Information and guides are rare. This is the reason why only boats with skippers are offered for charter on Bali.

- Buoyage: Random. As is often the case, night sailing is to be avoided.

- Diving: world class sites. The waters around Bali contain a large variety of corals and a great number of fish. But snorkeling is already wonderful.

- Getting there: Several companies serve Bali (Emirates, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines).

- Languages spoken: Indonesian Bahasa is the official language, since independence in 1945, but in tourist spots everyone speaks English.

- Currency: The Indonesian Rupee (1 US$ = 13,500 IDR) Credit cards are accepted in mid-range establishments. For cash, the easiest to change is the US $.

- The local charter companies: Dream Yacht Charter – Bali Yacht Charter - Bali Charter Boat


Polynesia in a Catana 50

Maui is a Catana 50 aboard which its skipper is offering to help you discover the Polynesian archipelago. From the Tuamotus to the Leeward Islands, via the Marquesas and even the Australes or the Gambiers, all destinations can be envisaged with this particularly seaworthy and comfortable boat.


The Lagoon Seventy 7 for charter

You’re not dreaming; the flagship of the Lagoon fleet is available for charter at Simpson Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean from August 2018, then in the Caribbean for the 2018/2019 winter season. Joy – the name of this Seventy 7 which will be launched next June – will then return to the Mediterranean in the summer of 2019, after which it will be going to Asia.


Sri Lanka

We have presented Sri Lanka as a destination, where a catamaran (and only one!) was available for charter. Sri Lanka is now offering six catamarans along its 1,340 km of coastline… Boats built locally, to conform to the company’s wish to promote a permanent activity locally.


Sunreef 74

In the series of very big top of the range boats available for charter, here is the Sunreef 74 Calmao, which those of you who visited the Cannes Boat Show were lucky enough to see. The catamaran is currently on the way to the West Indies, where it will be available for charter from December to April. For lovers of big, (very) beautiful boats…


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