Offshore racing

Mediterranean Record - Marseille-Tunis in under 14 hours for the Ultim trimaran SVR-Lazartigue

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The crew aboard the flying trimaran seized the opportunity of a weather window that coincided with their preset agenda. SVR-Lazartigue passed the old semaphore station at Frioul off Marseille on the afternoon of Saturday, May 28th, reaching the Sidi Bou Saïd lighthouse in Carthage, at the entrance to the Bay of Tunis, in 13 hours 55 minutes and 37 seconds. The 455 theoretical miles had been swallowed up at the incredible average speed of 33.7 knots. The previous record, beaten by 25 minutes, dates back to 2010 and Banque Populaire V with Pascal Bidegorry at the helm. But this skipper hasn’t really lost his record, since he was one of the three helmsmen on this attempt... This speedy north-south crossing at over 30 knots is an opportunity to recall the incredible evolution that our dear multihulls have undergone: in 1988, three years after Multihulls World was first published, François Boucher's catamaran Saab Turbo set this record at 26 hours - twice today’s time!

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