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SWCAT90 - A supercat built by a luxury monohull specialist!

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The brand is exploiting its experience in the very large luxury monohull sector to carry out an ambitious and exciting project: the specifications are for an autonomous, high-performance and eco-responsible yacht. The ideal platform capable of combining all these qualities has proved to be a two-hull boat, whereas this shipyard is much better known for its top of the range monohulls. One only has to visit one of their magnificent 100-foot sloops at the Cannes Yachting Festival or the Monaco Yacht Show to get a sense of the South African shipyard’s extraordinary know-how.

Built entirely in a sophisticated composite sandwich that is composed of carbon, aramid and other high-end resins, the shipyard’s range of 80 to 120-foot semi-custom monohulls has distinguished itself by putting technology at the service of performance in an atmosphere of great luxury. The finish is also of the absolute highest level. On this 90-foot catamaran project, the available surface area of 170 m² (1,830 sq ft) is comparable to that of a 120-foot monohull - not to mention that there is twice as much space on deck. The finalization of the plans allows for a certain flexibility in terms of layout, but the initial specifications are oriented towards high-spec services with three cabins accommodating six crew members. There is room for eight passengers - divided into four cabins worthy of a luxury hotel.

The layout has been designed to offer irreproachable privacy to guests and crew alike, with the crew’s mess surrounded by two cabins. The companionways to the guest cabins, which are entirely custom-designed, are angled to take away the view of the cabins from the large 45 m² (485 sq ft) saloon, which also has a 360° view over the horizon.

Environmental awareness is reflected in the choice of a hybrid powertrain. This installation proves to be an additional asset as far as comfort is concerned: acoustically of course, but it also contributes to comfort at sea thanks to its better weight centering compared to a conventional installation. The SWCAT 90 is designed, from a technical point of view, to offer a significant level of self-sufficiency. This supercat will only rarely need to put into port. The Berret/Racoupeau firm has made it a point of honor to optimize the hull shapes and sail plan, giving priority to an optimum performance/ comfort/ease of handling ratio that can be adjusted according to the client’s wishes.

Overall length: 27.07 m (88’10”)
Waterline length: 26.96 m (88’5”)
Beam: 11.17 m (36’8”)
Light displacement: 56.27 t

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