Jeredam - Falling for Antigua & Barbuda

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Who: Sabine & Christophe
Multihull: Nautitech 542
Where: West Indies
Facebook: Jeredam

 So here we are in Antigua. We’ve done some great dives and enjoyed discovering the local marine life. We enjoyed the beauty of the anchorages on the windward coast. They are very pleasant, and the water is much clearer than on the other side of the island. The coral reef is rich and very beautiful, with lobsters, cicadas and octopus. There’s enough to delight the eyes and the taste buds! Before that, our last week on Barbuda had been superb, with some windless days and beautiful dives. We took advantage of a very calm day without swell to land on the island with our bikes, which we had to load in the dinghy. We anchored the dinghy, and then carried the bikes to the beach. We pedaled to the village to buy eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers. On the way, we didn’t meet any people, only the donkeys, which are very numerous in the scrubland, and a few horses and some sheep running free. Further south, Saint-Vincent remains a favorite for both of us. The inhabitants are incredibly kind, and their island is really beautiful. From now on, we will have to avoid the ash when traveling in this area because the Soufrière volcano has been erupting for a few months already. We also started to complete the formalities needed to travel to Dominica. This island, nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe attracted us because of its wild and not very touristy side - it does not have an international airport. Once there, we will not be ...

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