6gone in Panama

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I am a red and white catamaran, transporting 2 paddle boards, 2 body boards, 1canoe, 1 kite, 2 hammocks, masks, snorkels, odd fins, e-readers and Lego. I also have on board a bearded captain, passionate about sailing, perfused with sailing magazines since forever. His mission: to prepare the cruises, repair what can be repaired, and even better, what can’t, make the electronics work before collective annoyance sets in, and occupy the youngest whilst the three others are doing their school work. I am also transporting a lobster-hunting vice-captain, and in theory, she will do everything that the captain won’t do. My third is the oldest of the four youngsters. Listen to everything, observe everything, explore everything. He is the head cook and baker, inflator of paddle boards, canoes, buoys etc, and has proclaimed himself captain of the dinghy. My fourth is our historical, scientific, geographical, botanical, zoological reference, in short his mission is to educate the crew and take care of photo reports. My fifth is the feminine and sporting support. Ready to read, explore, explain everything, she is very athletic, capable of carrying her band of friends on her paddle board. Last, but not least, the sixth. A bit of a lad, intrepid, handyman and pilot of everything that has a kite. His challenge: not to stop the three others working, and to learn to stay for more than 10 seconds in the same place. My all is called 6gone, which left Martinique in April 2017, was lucky enough to cruise the West Indian arc before the passage of the terrible hurricanes Irma and Maria, has discovered Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica, and when you read these lines, will have passed through the Panama Canal.

Who: 6Gone

Boat: Lagoon 440

Where: San Blas, Panama.


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