A Transat: an exhilarating time…

Published on 01 december 2014 at 0h00

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It often starts like that. At anchor, a quiet evening on board, having impromptu drinks with friends. You put the world to rights, talk about the people you’ve met, the latest equipment you’ve found and, of course, your plans for forthcoming trips. That’s how this latest adventure began. I have known Jean-Louis for at least 15 years, and I have been enjoying his company more since he has retired, as we have often sailed together these last few years, each of us on our respective cats. And that evening, in a Caribbean anchorage, we discussed the possibility of going back to the Mediterranean. Not as a fast delivery trip, but via the BVI, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Azores and finally Gibraltar. A great trip where we could go AWOL and discover all of these islands we dream about. Eleuthera, for example, where we could swim on the famous pink sand beach, or Nassau, a magical stopover in the Bahamas…
I’ve crossed the Atlantic several times from Europe to the Caribbean, and also the Pacific, but I’ve never made the “return” journey. So this will be a first for me. For this nice little cruise there will be four of us on board: Jean-Louis, the owner; a couple who are friends of his and who have come from France especially for this trip; and yours truly. Despite being invited, my wife, with whom I have just spent five months on our catamaran in the West Indies, as we do every year, has decided to stay home and “look after the garden”…
We ...

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