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March 2012 Tancarville, France - May 2020 Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The first photo (the genuine first photo of Angelique II), shows what appeared before our eyes on that fateful day when we arrived in Tancarville, in the north of France. Our van was loaded up with everything that would be needed to accompany us in our new life on our floating home. The second, is the last selfie with Angelique II who, since May 8th has a new owner. However, it would be an understatement to define Angelique II merely as our home over these past years. It was much more. It was a spaceship that projected us towards unknown worlds. Worlds where we have slowly abandoned all those certainties and dogmas and discarded the concepts and preconceptions, which conditioned our life in the world from which we came. These new worlds always have their differences, and through observing and listening, we have found a new way to live and to share. We have been to some fantastic places and have sailed off the beaten track. We have experienced nature in the raw. However, it is the people that we met that are the real treasure which we will take with us from this other worldly journey. Not only have we sealed friendships that we will never lose, but there were also short but intense encounters with extraordinary characters and personalities, each one very different from the other, but united by a common denominator: the awareness that time is the only scarce resource of our existence and that for no reason in the world can we afford the luxury of throwing away a single second of that time. We had an idea that our journey would surprise us in this regard when we decided to leave, but today that feeling has become a solid conviction which will undoubtedly guide our future choices.
Goodbye Angelique II. You will stay forever in our hearts.

Who: Giambattista and Valentina
Where: Around the world
Multihull: Outremer 55 Light

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