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Loup is our youngest, a lively spirit under her curls. Rose is the eldest. She has her head in the clouds and her feet in the sea. Anne-Sophie is the second in command (at least that’s what she lets François believe!), without whom none of this would have been possible. François is the captain, the shipowner and the chief engineer all on his own. Atom is our catamaran, built by our family and now sailing on Caribbean waters. We are in Guadeloupe. The Sargasso is invading the bay of Saint-François a little more every day, making the marina inaccessible in places. A nauseating smell emanates from these rotting algae. It’s a real scourge for the West Indies, especially as tourist life is slowly starting to pick up again. We set sail again for St. Martin, where we plan to surprise a buddy boat we left eight months earlier with our arrival. The children immediately become as thick as thieves again, which is nice to see. After a short stop in Marigot, we are back at anchor in Tintamarre. Barbecue, hiking, beach... freedom regained! After a short stopover by Pinel islet, our small team is now leaving for Ile Fourchue. The panorama is magnificent. We then set sail for Saint-Barth. We discovered a wonderful place. It’s not for nothing that so many billionaires have settled there in magnificent residences. The bay of Gustavia, the most important village on the island, is very pretty but very badly sheltered. Like most boaters, we prefer to anchor in the bay of Colombiers - an absolutely paradisiacal reserve with breathtaking turquoise water, turtles and rays in abundance. Here we set off again for a rather sporty 7½-mile (12 km) hike, some of which involved crawling through the rocks under a blazing sun. But we must be vigilant as the hurricane season is upon us. We will soon return quietly to Guadeloupe and then Martinique in anticipation of the arrival of a potential hurricane

Who: Loup, Rose, Anne-Sophie and François
Where: West Indies
Multihull: Amateur build

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