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Who: Jamie and Matthew
Where: Seattle’s Lake Union, WA, USA
Multihull: 68’ power cat Malcom Tennant design

Mermaid Crossing would become my lightfilled, single-girl sanctuary and my blissful home base filled with music, friendships, and carefree heart-healing fun. I learned how tightly friendships can be forged and renewed among the diverse collection of characters that make up the tightly-knit marina communities around the lake. I stood up to the myriad of challenges that boat ownership brings and conquered them alone, one by one, building character and perspective with each temporary setback. The self-reliance was nourishing. Eventually, my pursuit of happiness led me to skippering my own 27’ sloop, Affinity, and I took great pleasure in the freedom that exploring the Sound by small craft afforded. With my nautical passion to guide me I finally came to peace with pressing realities back then: the sun was setting on my potential for a family and life as a single-handed cruiser was my most likely course. So be it. As the old adage goes: you can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails. I had mentally set my new course, trimmed my sheets, furled up my jib, and embraced the coming horizon. Then I met Matthew. And isn’t that always the way…to find what you seek, you have to let it all go. Our story is basically a nautical, Seattleite version of Girl-with-Cat meets Boy-with-Dog. The spark ignited, we checked our compatibility as sailors do with a relationship-testing shakedown cruise for several weeks up into BC waters aboard Matthew’s beloved 54’ sailing catamaran, Boondock.

Turns out, you can find a mutually perfect match later in life and fall into intense love, even with a pair of heavily seasoned hearts. With Mermaid Crossing sold, we set our sights on the next vessel for our little ...

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