Caïman - A Mini trimaran, but maximum pleasure: This Corsair 27 is for sale

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Who: Gérard
Where: La Rochelle, France
Multihull: Corsair 27

I met Gérard a dozen years ago. The skipper already owned his Caïman, a Corsair 27 that had previously belonged to his brother. If you look closely, there’s not a bad thing to be said about this trimaran. It can do everything, from coastal cruising to ocean crossings. As long as you have
a certain level of skill that is. Its floats fold up along the central hull, and once raised, the 27 can be transported on a trailer. And thanks to its small size, when the arms are folded, the port charges are no higher than that of a monohull. Inside, you’ll find the minimum for coastal cruising. The hinged companionway cover even allows for standing upright when lowered. Its daggerboard guarantees very good upwind sailing on flat seas. With only 28 feet of hull, things will get more complicated when you’re sailing against a stiff wind. However, as soon as you ease the sails a little, this little baby really starts to show her potential. On the way back to La Rochelle following a trip around the island of Belle Ile, I remember a run at 19 knots under gennaker, the sheet in one hand, the helm in the other. I also remember a regatta I won hands down in Port Médoc. There is a time for everything, and Gérard has made the decision to part with his trimaran. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for thrill seekers!

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