Cat'Leya - Discovering Fiji’s Yasawa archipelago

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it’s a rather strange product and one which divides opinion: Kava. When we arrived on the beach, an inhabitant took us to the Chief’s house. Hats and glasses were no longer needed out of respect for the tradition. At the entrance, we had to chant «Dua Dua Dua» three times and the Chief then invited us to enter the main room. Everybody sat down cross-legged and we put the Kava in front of the Chief who gave a short speech in his own language. We assumed that this was a welcome speech. The inhabitants then spoke to us in English and asked us many questions. Where we came from of course, which boat we were sailing, etc. We were then invited to go into the main room. In the end we didn’t have to partake of the Kava (no one was complaining) and could then visit the village. The villages all tend to be more or less organized in the same way. In the center is an esplanade bordered with flowers and stones. At the end is the church with the village houses built around it, and a little further away you will sometimes find the school and the infirmary. The grassy ground is very well maintained and is cut short and clean. There are some flowers... and coconut palms! In the surroundings, the plantations abound with bananas, tarot, papayas, etc.

Who: Jean-Pierre
Where: Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Catamaran: Lagoon 52 SporTop


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