Cataja: In Love With Saint Barts

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"This way of life that we are experiencing every day poses many questions, and despite everything, we are not getting tired of it. "Cataja" really is our home. We are still in St Barts, this other world where we never cease to be amazed by its beauty, and we are completely under its spell. The natural swimming pools are real gems, a vivid emerald color, and the views over the island, from wherever you are, are simply stunning, with the range of colors, contrasts and light. This little patch of land is just like some idyllic post card. It has it all: white sand; shells; coconut palms; an azure sky and crystal clear waters. There is a host of aquatic and family activities available here: swimming; surfing; paddleboard; canoeing. The downside is the size of some of the gigantic boats which you simply cannot miss, the luxury boutiques or the legendary bars and nightclubs. On the upside, there is a wild natural landscape that is beautiful and well-preserved, with turtles on the beaches and by the side of the road, and iguanas and lizards amongst the magnificent flora. A day doesn't pass where we don't see a turtle on the way to school... There's no doubt, paradise does exist, but don't tell anyone about it".
Eurielle, Antoine, Malo, Elian and Pac»me, on board Cataja.

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