Catapulte in Marie Galante: Paradise Found!

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"We couldn't sail through Guadeloupe without making a detour to Marie Galante. It's worth noting that there are easier destinations out of Point š Pitre, and in all the cruising guides it states that some sectors can be quite rough. Straight away we raised the staysail, dropped the centerboards, and headed for the channel, expecting to have a tough time. But thanks to the magic of Catapulte, we headed straight through. It was very, very tight, but not too rough, and we ended up in front of an idyllic beach, negotiating around a couple of other boats to find a quiet mooring. I already had wonderful memories of Marie Galante from the land, and now from the sea it is even more extraordinary. Fellow sailors, if you are cruising in that area, do not miss l'Anse Canot, beneath the Old Fort, from where you can start a lovely walk. We then sailed down to St Louis, where we caught a great Zouk/Reggae concert, which as it happened just turned out to be the local butcher and music fan, who had simply connected her telephone to 2 x 800W speakers! After a quick trip to Grand Bourg, we discovered a deserted mooring by Folle Anse Point, where, beneath 3 palm trees, there were some wicker sofas and chairs for watching the sun set right in between les Saintes and Guadeloupe. For three nights in a row, we were treated to the sight of the famous Green Flash, which I had spoken about to the girls for so long, and even I wasn't sure whether it was myth or reality. Go and see it, it's magical! For lovers of amazing boats, Catapulte will be available for new adventures, in August 2016 in Canet en Roussillon, France..."
Murielle and Eric, Ana´s, Audrey and Margot on board Catapulte.

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