Crazy Louise: stopover in the Bahamas

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For Crazy Louise this will be the last stopover before our trip back across the Atlantic, but what a fantastic stopover it has been. In the Bahamas you’re sailing in shallow water, no more than 2 or 3 meters deep over the Exuma Bank, and sometimes we had just 20 or 30cm under our hulls! Fortunately the anchorages are easy in these crystalline shallow waters. A perfect playground for a catamaran. Anchorages are often very quiet all along the Exuma national park, but if it’s what you want, there are a number of small marinas, where a few super-yachts come and tie up. Staniel Cay remains one of our favorite anchorages, where we swam with the semi-wild pigs, who come out as soon as a dinghy approaches, hoping to be fed some tidbits. But be careful, they have a voracious appetite and will have your fingers off if there’s nothing else. They apparently like beer as well, and know how to open picnickers’ coolboxes! You can also swim in the underwater caves here, which are famous as having been the setting for some of the scenes from the James Bond movie, “Thunderball”. At Compass Cay we swam with baby sharks, not one or two, but maybe 15 or 20 of them! It’s also where we bought the most expensive burgers of our trip… In this part of the Bahamas, it’s very difficult to revictual, and we had to go back to Nassau to restock, before heading back across the Atlantic toward the Azores, then the Mediterranean.
Nicole, Laurent, Jules and Max, on board Crazy Louise

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