Eagle - Before setting out there’s some serious work to be done!

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On board, we are already settling into our new life, although it is still far-removed from the (real) big cruise that awaits us. The work is progressing, but we have nevertheless fallen behind somewhat. We are really starting to understand that respecting deadlines and living on a boat do not mix well. We are learning a lot: step by step, a little more every day, we are starting to understand what sailing is all about. It’s exhilarating! Between the two of us, we are experiencing trying moments because it is a real challenge to adapt to each other’s needs when experiencing intense changes and adaptations. As always, by communicating and being willing to keep looking in the same direction, we manage to reconnect. In the face of doubts, worries, and questions, we rely on our values to help us succeed in this project: patience, trust, perseverance, and gratitude. The schedule for the next few weeks is busy. We have to continue the work, get back to training together with our family, prepare our sailing program for next spring, find sponsors for our association and prepare the participative financing. I also promise, not to forget to rest too, because all of this requires a lot of energy. At the same time, we are making progress on the big jobs, as well as on a lot of small ones which, ...

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