Eagle - Our first crossing as a family

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We reached Corsica yesterday! It was our first crossing all together, for the kids and for me. Although I felt confident, I was still a little apprehensive. Well, maybe a little more. It’s no small thing to take on a crossing, especially at night. Yes, especially at night. Climbing up to the spreaders, Ivan had noticed a dolphin, in the bay of Canoubiers, in the gulf of Saint-Tropez. The dolphin joined Eagle and, once the children were in the water, played with them, brushing them and showing them his belly and his “smile”. It was magical! Many hours later, we saw the dolphin slowly coming back to us, and he joined us as we left the Gulf, jumping under the trampoline and around the bows! What an emotional moment that was… An unforgettable one, engraved forever in our hearts and on a few photos too. On the way, the weather conditions were as forecasted. Ivan took the watch for the first part of the night. Agathe and Claire stayed with him in the cockpit until very late and had a great experience watching the Milky Way and the shooting stars. A perfect present for Claire who is 15 years old today! I couldn’t stop listening to the water rush along the hulls, sometimes caressing them, and sometimes violently slapping them, with the wind whistling and growling, and the non-stop VHF chatter. It took us 18 hours to make the crossing, and our approach to Calvi will remain an unforgettable moment. We could see the land getting closer, straight ahead and we scrutinized the details that were starting to take shape a little more every second. It was worth all the effort we had put in to get there. In the pink and grey light of the dawn I saw Corsica on the horizon. It was huge and elegant, and then the sun began to emerge, in a dazzling array of pinks.

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