Hangtime - The longest passage!

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Four nights at sea. Almost 600 miles. Our longest family passage yet. Conditions were really good. We didn’t have as much current in our favor as we had expected, but the winds and waves didn’t whip up too much so we really couldn’t complain. We only flew the jib on day one, switched it out to the beautiful Parasailor for 2 days and then at sunset on night three switched back to our traditional main and jib. Day 4 we tried wing on wing which worked really well. The jib took us to the finish line. Rather than run the rhumb line we arched to the North for two reasons. Firstly, to take advantage of a westerly current (that we never found), and secondly, to avoid the rumored pirates that run off of the Venezuelan coast line. We steered south as Curaçao came into view and tried to take advantage of a bit of lee from it and Bonaire. We arrived in Aruba in the dark so slowed right down as we waited for the morning light. We were escorted to customs where we answered a few medical questions and had a temperature reading. We were cleared in a matter of minutes. (Char had himself so worked up that he would need another Covid test that he was running hot, but thankfully the doc let him cool down a bit before testing him!) We expected to have to stay on board and go directly to the airport but since we are clear we’re going to visit our old stomping grounds - we’ve been here a half dozen times and Brad and I both learned to kitesurf here many years ago. First though we have a number of chores to get through to prep Hangtime for haul out, such as winterizing the watermaker and taking down the jib. We’ll be on a flight Friday afternoon.

Who: Teasy, Brad, Ben (11) & Charlie (9)
Where: Caribbean Sea
Multihull: Saona 47
Instagram @sailinghangtime

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