Happy Together

It’s so easy to switch multihulls…

After enjoying their daughter’s wedding in December and getting through the holidays, Lennie & Randy took the family to Park City and did some skiing and enjoyed the mountain chalet lifestyle. But…

Who: Lennie & Randy
Where: Miami International Boat Show
Multihull: Du Leopard 50 au KC54
Blog: www.svhappytogether.com

As we sat watching the snow fall, we realized we would be selling our Leopard 50 and be boatless for potentially a year. It’s okay we thought… we would ski a ton and visit South Africa to see the new boat in the factory (shed) and that would keep us busy. We will see about that, but I expect a long slow summer and fall in deep anticipation of receiving the new boat. Visiting the Miami boat show reminded us that sailing is our true love and passion, and skiing and traveling are in second place. At the Annapolis show in October, just seconds before we made the decision to walk in the Kinetic booth and pull the trigger, a couple walked up to us and thanked us for the years we had made videos. They told us we had helped inspire their desire to retire and buy a boat to go sailing. During the conversation, the husband said, “We would like to buy your boat and you should buy this one,” and he pointed at the Kinetic. Yes, my friends, that is how it happened. And the rest is history. We exchanged emails that night and yes, we bought the Kinetic, and yes, they bought our Leopard. What timing! We got a lot or flack for not marketing it to the highest bidder, but we felt that it was kismet. Delivered in January, she is now in Galveston awaiting her new owner’s retirement in August. We appreciate our buyers and our new friendship. Each year in February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is usually overlapping with the boat show so that is just perfect for us! We knew the Kinetic hull number one would be on display again and we planned on spending several days aboard with local test sails thereafter. The show was great, and we reconnected with all our old friends, and several beer carts.

Another show for the Smiths in the logbooks. We think it’s number 60 for us.

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