Isla Tintipan

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This island has a very special shape; the whole of the south is just mangrove and beaches, while the north is made up of ‘fjords’, offering excellent protection in all winds.

Less than a mile further east, there is another island with no trees or beaches. There are just a few maisonettes there, and it’s quite impressive to see. Around a hundred people live in this floating town. No trees or plants seem to exist on this strange piece of land.

I am pleasantly surprised by the underwater life. We anchored in 7 meters of water, along a drop-off facing the mangrove. The flora and fauna are very rich, and the water is extremely clear. I’ve found what I’m looking for here, and spend hours simply diving under the boat. The edge of the water has an abundance of blue spotted rays, which are not at all frightened by my presence.

A few rare fishermen follow the edge of the mangrove, one at the back with a paddle in his hand, the other up front, ready to cast his net.

An anchorage which is quite frankly exceptional, and which is worth a stop when you leave Columbia heading for the San Blas…

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