An amazing stopover with the fishermen on the Isla de Aves

Jeredam has arrived in Curaçao, just across the water from Venezuela. Before reaching their destination, the crew stopped in Aves, a lost and uninhabited mini archipelago.

Who: Sabine and Christophe.
Where: Isla de Aves
Multihull: Nautitech 542
Facebook: www.facebook/jeredam 

After Los Roques, we didn’t think we would ever find anywhere better; we didn’t expect that the deserted Isla de Aves (Island of Birds in English) would excite us after what we had just experienced. Of course, we were apprehensive about going to this small archipelago. Its reputation often leads sailors to avoid it. This reputation dates back to May 1678 when a large French squadron was shipwrecked by a stubborn and obstinate admiral. We decided to go anyway, even though we were alone. A few miles before our arrival, we were very surprised by the sheer numbers of birds around Jeredam. As we approached the anchorage, two lanchas (fishing boats) came to meet us and ask for water. The Aves are uninhabited islands where only a dozen fishermen come to spend a few days. But the islands have neither water nor electricity, so it is difficult to stay 3 weeks on an island with a limited supply of water. How pleased they were when we told them that we had a big water maker and that we could provide them with water during our whole stopover! The water was exchanged for fish, octopus and lobsters. We became friends with a group of 6 fishermen with whom we stayed throughout our stay. We went fishing with them on their lancha, we ate together on Jeredam, and we went for little walks around the islands. We had never seen so many birds in our lives. They are everywhere and there are lots of different species. They are quiet and reproduce on the islands where they are all alone and do not get disturbed. When walking, you have to be careful because there are birds, chicks and eggs everywhere. They are not afraid of humans, probably because they don’t see many people. The pink flamingos are also numerous, but they remain a little more fearful. The waters are crystal clear, and the shades of blue are incredible. But for us, our best memories remain our meeting with the fishermen, and we will never forget them. Since setting out nearly 3 years ago, our favorite destination has been Les Aves!

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