Jeredam - Chilling out in the Bahamas

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In 2012, we discovered multihulls during a trip to French Polynesia with friends. It was a revelation which led to the realization that we would sail. Then came the charters when we wanted to make sure that we had made the right choice and above all to make sure we really enjoyed life on board. We then decided to buy our boat. In 2015, we chose the Helia 44 before changing it for a bigger catamaran. We are in Bimini in the Bahamas. It’s hot. The sea is splendid and the fishing is excellent. The lagoon is so beautiful... The dream has come true. Here, we usually get up around 8 or 9 am and then we «work» on our own. Christophe has a lot of work to do because the Nautitech 542 is big and quite complex. On the menu: the engines, the watermaker, the generator, the fridges, the freezers, the solar panels (we changed one which was burnt)... For me, it’s storage, washing-up, laundry and cooking. I make bread, pizza dough, a shortbread and puff pastry that I freeze. Otherwise, of course, I cook a lot of fish, conch and lobster. Here, it’s much cheaper to eat lobsters than chicken! We can buy twelve lobsters for 50 dollars. Every morning we go to raise the traps set up not far from the catamaran and we get fish and crabs almost every day. The locals are super nice. Every day, sailors (many are Americans) come to see us because they are curious and find Jeredam so big. They always ask to visit. We have made many acquaintances. Tonight, there is a fisherman coming with his wife to eat on board and they are bringing us four big lobsters. In the afternoon, it is canoeing, fishing, walking and idleness followed by an aperitif. Often someone will come to see us. Then it’s a film and bed. That’s how our crazy days look!

Who: Sabine and Christophe
Where: Bahamas
Multicoque: Nautitech 542
Facebook: Jeredam

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