Jeredam - Rounding off a great adventure in Guatemala

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Who: Sabine et Christophe
Where : Guatemala
Multihull: Nautitech 542
Facebook: @jeredam
Today I’m going to tell you about our arrival in Guatemala and our encounters with the locals. But first, we have some big news: Jeredam is sold! In fact, in the space of a month, we’ve had three offers to buy it. We declined the first request, saying we weren’t selling, but two weeks later we received a message from another person who also wanted to buy it. We started chatting, answering all the questions, until this person asked if they could come and see our catamaran. At first, we weren’t really ready to sell. But then we got to the point where we said, «Why not»? I ended up posting a photo of Jeredam that I thought was particularly pretty, and immediately the messages came flooding in, including one from Shawn. Our meeting with Shawn and Geri proved to be decisive. We got on really well from the start. Then they came back, with a surveyor, and their dream of a big trip came true; we sold them Jeredam.
So, what about Guatemala? Since arriving at the marina, we haven’t moved around too much, but before that, we explored a number of anchorages, often in the marshland with small passages of varying widths that we crossed in the dinghy. It’s grandiose, magnificent, splendid. Contact with the locals was easy. We were able to communicate easily and spend some magical moments. There are no roads here: the Rio is the only way to get around. The inhabitants live in the center of the marshes, and unfortunately the rising waters flood their homes every year - water is as essential as it is dangerous...

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