Kalos Anemos - The end of the journey

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With COVID 19, the end of our journey was a bit chaotic. All in all though, it was a fantastic year. The most beautiful memory? It is difficult to choose. We loved Los Roques and the Bahamas, where we certainly found the most beautiful anchorages of our trip. We also loved the dives with dolphins, the turquoise water and the white sand beaches. We will never forget the encounters, aperitifs, barbecues and evenings, with our fellow boat buddies. Simple and authentic! And then being in lockdown in Saint Barts gave us the opportunity to meet some lovely families, spending some quite unique times and evenings with them. We enjoyed every moment, every place and every meeting. Our Caribbean loop was well adapted for a year full of diversity. We have never spoken so much English but we would have liked to have been more at ease with the language so as to communicate with the locals more easily. Ideally, we would also like be able to get by in Spanish for the Central American countries. We would also have liked to be better at diving so that we could fish more easily in 30-feet (10 m) of water! Our life on the boat was quite pleasant, especially with the sun and the warm sea. We were permanently surrounded by idyllic landscapes. The catamaran was spacious enough for four people, very user friendly and well equipped so that we were as self-sufficient as possible. The girls also got used to school on board with the French home-schooling courses being well adapted. Were there any constraints, or negative aspects? The biggest change was the food. We had to forget abundance and diversity and switch to a slightly more frugal diet. We sometimes lacked a little inspiration! We rarely had large supermarkets on hand which was fine. But we had to learn and take the time to do more by ourselves (bread, ice cream, dessert cream, yoghurts, etc.)
By the end though, we were always happy to find some gastronomic delights in the French islands!

Who: Anne, Pierre, Emma, Morgane
Where: Martinique, French West Indies
Multihull: Hélia 44


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