L’ALCHIMISTE - Discovering the islands of the Tobago Cays

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Who: Annik, François, Emma, Theo, Naomi
Where: Tobago Cays, West Indies
Multihull: Lagoon 400

Between Bequia and Mayreau, some of our friends had caught some nice fish, often mahi-mahis. We hoped to do the same. Annik had planned dinner for 3:13 pm. It arrived a little late, at around 4:30 pm, just as a big squall started heading towards us, accompanied by a black veil of rain, a concerto of thunder and blazing lightning, which all added to the ambiance. The Tobago Cays are just across the water from Mayreau, which we circumnavigated in order to find a spot to stay for a while. We anchored upwind, protected by the coral reef. The water was azure blue, a natural paradise. We enjoyed this haven of peace that was a sanctuary for turtles and a refuge for hundreds of species of tropical fish. It was a small archipelago where we came into contact with our first sharks. As soon as the anchor went into the water, François saw his first Nurse Shark. It passed just above our chain. Stunning! It was a kind of greeting for us... On the surface of the water, the shades of blue blended into the horizon. The water was clear and shallow. The breeze was steady and constant, but our spot was calm because the coral reef offered good protection against the waves. During these few days, we swam with the rays and went free diving and snorkeling on the vertical strip of the reef with our own three dolphins, aged 14, 12 and 10 years old. One by one we explored the islands that make up the Cays: Baradal, Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau and Jamesby. But the one that intrigued us the most was a little outside the reef. So, we prepared our provisions for the day and headed out to Petit Tabac, the island where the famous scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed when Jack Sparrow was taken to this deserted island with Elisabeth in the hope of finding his rum buried under the sand. It was all in vain though... It was soon time to head west and sail out into the open sea, away from the hurricane corridor. We needed a change of environment. Even though our time in the Grenadines had been breathtaking, we were ready for a change. And Curaçao was preparing more than one for us!

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