Lady’t Bee - Trading our catch for a meal in The Bahamas

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While busy preparing breakfast, I see, on the nearby reef, something dark in the water making a commotion to welcome in the new day. It was our friend Cyril’s flippers! The guy started his lobster hunt early today... He is really enthusiastic and very efficient at it. Once ashore, we walked along an unpaved road, frequented by a few pickup trucks. A lady stopped to chat with us. She has a restaurant. When we reach the village, the restaurant is there, as indicated. No menu, no price list, but a large dining room with the appearance of a canteen. What are we going to eat and how much will it cost us? Our hosts are nice and smiling, but not very talkative. We are soon seated in front of appetizing dishes, cold beers and fruit juice with ice cubes. On the walls, there is a myriad of photos of numerous fish. They also show fishing trophies. The moment when the bill will arrive is fast approaching. The owner asks if his guests are satisfied and full. Eager to exchange a little on the local habits and customs, I mention a topical subject: “It seems that you have a very active fishing club here...“. I hope that this introduction encourages him to open up a little. At the same time, I whisper to our friends «You could show our host the picture of the dorados that you caught yesterday». And this is why cruising is such a wonderful thing: “If you like, I’ll trade you a fish for your meals“. The restaurant is free! “And on top of that, I’ll give you a fresh loaf of bread and I’ll drop you back to the port in the car“. Isn’t that great? Fantastic Crooked Island! As for Malou, later on she prepared the tuna caught the day before and everyone enjoyed it after a glass or two of rum punch... Now that’s living!

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