Laniakea becomes Honuakea - A present of three feet more boat!

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Who: Nicolas and his family
Multihull: Wharram Pahi 31
Where: Around the world
Blog: Facebook “French Boheme”

After seven days at sea, we arrived on the Cape Verde island of Sal. We moored up at Palmeira, where we were propelled into another universe. At last, the journey had really begun. The atmosphere, the landscapes, the customs: everything was different. We let the gentleness of life seduce us and without noticing it, between a little fado tune, a windsurfing tour and a grog at Arminda’s, three weeks had passed without us even touching the anchor. It must be said that living in our little boat is not always easy. In the Canary Islands, we had to wait several weeks for a favorable weather window for our crossing and the lack of comfort wore our nerves down. We couldn’t stand preparing meals twice a day in the tiny galley. In the evening, the night fell early, and the temperatures dropped. We had to eat on the deck in the wind because the cabins are too small to accommodate four people. In Cape Verde, we found the warmth and discovered restaurants that serve a full meal for 3€. We took advantage of this pleasant break. There were also wonderful encounters, and the magic of the stopover reached its peak when we met Bruno. We were determined and ready to take on a transat on our Tanenui 28. A quick stop in Mindelo for the final revictualing, clearing out, and off we went. Well at least that was the plan. After a long night of sailing, we settled down at the floating bar of the marina for a coffee. A man walked up to us and exclaimed, «Ah I finally found you!» It was Bruno. He had left France on a Wharram Pahi 31 and was following our adventure on the Internet. We had already exchanged a few messages and without us knowing it, he was trying to catch up with us. For him the trip had not turned out well and he was tired. Not wishing to continue further, he wanted to help us by giving us his boat. Incredible, isn’t it? So, we will do the long crossing on a slightly bigger but much more comfortable boat. Thanks Bruno! So, we also gave our Wharram, our dear Laniakea to Jair, a taxi boat from Palmeira. If you pass by there, give him a wave from us.


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