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We will soon be setting off on a crazy adventure: we’re going to sail around the world and we’re bringing the kids along too. Of course, we’re going sailing, and just to spice things up a bit, we will be on a small catamaran and in minimalist sailing mode. On board, the paper chart will be de rigueur and we will be using a sextant too - in fact, it’s a kind of navigational downsizing. Well of course, otherwise it would be too simple. We’ll be visiting the Canary Islands, the West Indies, Polynesia and Indonesia over the course of a three-year trip. We are very excited about this project and have already done a lot of work to move the preparations along. You can imagine that for such a trip there are about two million things to plan. We’ve refitted the hulls, water-tightened the deck, reinforced the rudders, sewn a new set of sails, fitted out the interior, installed solar panels and rewired the electrical system. We have also thought about passports, the pharmacy, the satellite phone, home-schooling for the children and have even filled up the lockers with enough food for a whole month! In short, we’re almost there. However, a couple of little things are missing. Perhaps you have them stashed away in a cupboard, or stored in a locker? We still need a battery-powered GPS, a sextant, a compass, nautical charts and documents relating to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific, life jackets, distress flares, harnesses, chain, mooring ropes and sheets. I forgot: we are also missing an outboard motor, a small watermaker, an inflatable kayak, a storm light, a waterproof flashlight, a solar shower, a MerVeille radar detector..

Who: Nicolas and his family
Where: Around the World
Multihull: Tanenui 29
Facebook: French Boheme

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