Indian ocean

Madagascar, this wonderful word gives me the shivers...

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Here we find again the real definition of life, in the heart of this entrancing country, full of colors and aromas.

The crossing from the Chagos to Madagascar was difficult. Five meter waves followed us for over 4 days, with a constant 25 knots of wind.

A stop in the Seychelles was necessary, because of bad weather conditions.

There remained just two days’ sailing to reach Cape Ambre, to finally be protected behind this island, still unknown to us.

These last two days’ sailing cost us a good dose of energy, and sapped our morale. But as always, comfort appeared as we caught a glimpse of the first land, the first silhouettes of mountain chains.

We met these boats, luggers and pirogues, adorned with their superb sails; sewn from hessian, pareos, sacks, and even a woven palm tree branch.

The traditional schooners easily passed us, with their incredible sail areas.

We hadn’t yet anchored in Madagascar, but already we felt a strong attraction to this country. 

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