Mosquito Valiente - Anaho, the perfect multihull spot

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Who: Andreia & Jose
Where: Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia
Multihull: Hugo Meyers 35’
log :
Instagram: @moskito.valiente.sailing

We’re back in the Jurassic Anaho Bay (Nuku Hiva) with scarce internet, no cars, no roads, no village, but just loads of diving, surfing, hiking, bonfires and, the best, good friends! Here in the Marquesas most of the anchorages are so protected by the jagged mountains that we can’t even see the sunrise or sunset directly from the boat. Even if most of the anchorages are a little bit, or sometimes, very uncomfortable for a monohull, this is not the case on a multihull. So, in order to be able to take in those wonderful moments, we often had to go all the way up the hills, which made them even more precious! We felt very lucky to call this beautiful bay of Anaho ‘home’ while we’re on vacation taking some time off! In Anaho we now have our best friends with us, a private surf spot just beside our boat, scuba diving sites with plenty of manta rays, an abundance of fruit and fresh water and friendly locals that share their precious knowledge with us. There are no roads here so therefore no cars. There is no village, not even a single shop and, of course, no restaurants. Internet here barely works, yet somehow, we’re actually enjoying being a little disconnected. We’re more and more convinced that simplicity is the most effective way to happiness. Less is definitely more. Simplify your life and you’ll see the magic for yourself!

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