NIUE - Cruising to Martinique in the time of Covid

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Who: Eliane, Patrice, and their children
Where: Martinique, French West Indies
Multihull: Catana 411

This stopover marks the completion of a stage, and not the easiest one. We had to contend with technical problems, questioning ourselves and the desire to offer what we wanted for our children, for our family. This stay in Martinique has lasted six weeks. It has allowed us to adopt a travel rhythm that suits us, punctuated by the inevitable technical issues, visits, and meeting other sailing friends. We realized that at times we just needed to isolate ourselves in our little cocoon and take the time to be together, in that moment, and focus on what we wanted to do, without any outside interference. We therefore need, from time to time, to find secluded anchorages. For the past year, traveling around the world has not been easy. We feel lucky to have been able to realize this dream. Our travel rhythm has been very slow. Some islands are closed, others require several tests at different intervals. The French territories remain open only if there is a compelling reason for you to go ashore, although sailboat entries seemed to be tolerated before Martinique and Guadeloupe went into lockdown. We do our best to respect the rules. The associated costs have a significant impact and we had not calculated them in our travel budget. In some countries, the tests can cost US$ 200 per person, times four, and sometimes need to be made a second time. That ...

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