Niue - Not everyone will be doing the Transat

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Who: Eliane, Patrice and their children
Where: Atlantic Ocean
Multihull: Catana 411
Blog :

 So here we are in Mindelo. The next step will be the crossing of the Atlantic. For some time now, doubts have been constantly rattling around in my mind, in perpetual motion. A bit like this sea that surrounds us. The start of the journey was a little rough and did not fill me with confidence. A certain fear appeared, and others followed, not necessarily related to the boat, but projects like these make us take stock, and many things can resurface and become clearer. You start to worry more about your children. Is this crossing really the right choice? It could impart great values to them and help them in many areas like learning patience, working on impulsivity and many other things. But it is too early, especially for our autistic child. The two crossings we had already done (4 and 6 days), had been difficult for him, and he had been able to articulate this to us. It is our duty to listen to our children and to go at their own pace. They can be proud of themselves, of their behavior on this trip and their open-mindedness. I clearly didn’t feel that we were ready for this journey.

Finally, Patrice and Niue left to cross the Atlantic and I had to let go of part of my dream by giving up something that I had set my heart on. I have learned this past year that it is important to listen to ourselves, to learn to recognize our emotions, to think less about others, to take the path that best suits us and try to accept when our reading of the situation is wrong. As I write this, Niue, Patrice and the crew are less than 500 miles from Martinique where the children and I are waiting for them. I can already imagine how emotional the reunion will be, but also the sadness of not knowing how they will feel after 15 days at sea. But I am more and more sure as I watch the distance shorten, that the decision we took was the right one.

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