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Who: Jean-Christophe, Aurore, Timothé and Luka
Where: Canarias
Multihull: Lerouge Brazapi 52

Let’s go back, to a few years previously... This was the situation: our boat was in Caen, in northern France. Our home and our life were in Alsace, 450 mi (700 km) away - about 7 hours’ drive separated these two strategic places. From then on, over four years, almost all of our free time would be devoted to round trips and work, including one year full time on site. We had discovered Normandy and its particular, even depressing climate. The wind was almost omnipresent, there were torrential downpours, the odd clear spell, low tides and cold seas. The captain was in charge of our project in the shipyard, and there were many occasions when we doubted that the work would ever end. On the organizational side, everyone had their own tasks, in different places, so as not to step on each others’ toes, and to be able to work to their own strengths and their own way of doing things. Of course, the boys also got involved during the vacations, sometimes under duress, but most often wanting to help and curious to learn. And also, because at times they were seriously bored. As their interest diminished with time, we solicited them less and less, fearing that they would become totally sick of the project. But we also experienced many positive moments. Week after week this project has been our shepherds’ star, illuminating us on the path to our future. It has been our oasis in the desert, when our professional lives have become more and more difficult to bear. This project has given us hope and freedom. Our catamaran kept the Captain going like an intravenous drip. We never stopped fighting. Giving up was not an option. It was simply inconceivable. Fluctuat Nec Mergitur. It is beaten by the waves but does not sink. We made that our motto. Keep your head above water at all costs. That’s why we’re still standing today!

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