Getting a new lease of life!

At 39 years of age, the first catamaran produced by Catana is still going strong and will be ready to leave again very soon!

Who: Alberto and Daniel
Where: Portugal
Multihull: Catana 40 - Hull #1
A few years ago, in this very section, Multihulls World already featured this multihull, which is none other than the very first catamaran built by Catana, a 40. Oceanus is currently in the shipyard. We have been very busy designing and carrying out everything we can do on her refit, in particular replacing the two pins holding the linkage arm to the bow. Removing the helm was a pretty tricky operation - obviously, we wanted to keep the rudder blades perfectly aligned. Finally, we managed to weld in new pins. Then we reinforced the plexiglass passage between the nacelle and the cabins, applying fiberglass and epoxy resin. Inside, we optimized storage and the position of the electronics, for improved use when offshore cruising - after all, long ocean crossings are the DNA of the Catana 40, thanks to that good Lock Crowther design. We also sandblasted below the waterline, repaired small areas of water accumulation in some parts of the hull, by fiber bonding with epoxy resin, roving and carbon fiber. However, the overall integrity of the sandwich is very good despite its 39 years of age. There are no structural problems on the catamaran. Next, we will apply a new preventative anti osmosis treatment as well as a new application of 4 coats of Coppercoat antifouling. We will also be doing a complete repaint of the hulls and decks, as well as applying new adhesives with Catana lettering. Four years ago, we installed two D1-30 engines and their sail-drives, and for this year, we will have new sails, namely the mainsail and genoa. The rigging will be checked, and some parts replaced. We plan to return to the water in April. In the summer we will leave to spend several months in the Azores, where we will continue with some of our projects dedicated to the protection and investigation of the oceans.

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