Profité: a family ready to leave

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Why?We had ‘everything’! Everything that anyone could hope to have in their life: a house, a job, four beautiful children, the family not far away. But that wasn’t us! We felt the need to get out of this routine, to stand back from this way of life which is finally imposed on us and which we had quite simply copied. A life punctuated by work days, weekends which are too short - we wanted to take control of our life and do with it what we wanted. We quite simply wanted to take the time to live. One evening, the decision was taken: ‘let’s do it!’ We had realized that this was the moment. The house was only just finished; its sale would allow us to have the means to take the plunge. It was done in just under two months. May 2017, we bought the boat, in Portugal. Once we had brought it back to La Rochelle, we had to launch into the work and muster all our courage as it was clear that for economic reasons, we would be doing everything ourselves. Everything which didn’t work has been dismantled and repaired. Once the major interior work had been carried out, we moved aboard our catamaran, ‘Profité’, still on the hard. We have been in the water since last February. To us it seems unthinkable to draw up an itinerary for one year in advance, as ...

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