Saga - The Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an atoll lost in the Indian Ocean!

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Who: Bénédicte and Loïc, Arthur, Anna and Victor
Where: Cocos Islands (or Keeling Islands), Indian Ocean
Multihull: Outremer 55
Blog : 
An Australian possession, inhabited by a few hundred Malays and a handful of Australian civil servants, the Cocos Islands are above all an ideal stopover during an Indian Ocean crossing. The only authorized anchorage is Direction Island, but it’s a real paradise: a dream beach, equipped in the Australian style with BBQs and tables for picnic evenings with shipmates, great drift snorkeling and a fantastic stretch of water for surfing. We all had a wonderful time sailing Wing Foils every day, which has become our favorite sport aboard Saga. The tradition is to leave a trace of one’s passage through a piece of salvaged art: the children worked all week with their friends to complete their projects, some with multicolored flip-flops and others with a fisherman’s buoy transformed into a globe, which will be placed near the Moby sign, which is still in place since our visit in 2018. We also spent a very nice day on Home Island, inhabited by the Malay community: we took a walking tour of the island via the beaches, the cemetery and the particularly well-organized rubbish dump. We also visited the small museum that recounts the turbulent history of this very strategic atoll, and had lunch at Oceania House, the home of the Clunie-Ross family, who once owned Cocos and who welcomed Queen Elizabeth II. We were sorry to leave this unique and highly enjoyable stopover for a new destination that thankfully would prove to be just as enjoyable: Rodrigues.

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