Sailing4handicaps project Saint Lucia: work successfully concluded!

Published on 21 june 2016 at 0h00

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It all started some years ago on a small lake in Cologne. I, Elena, an Italian professional high jumper who moved to Germany searching for a new training accommodation, was looking in the eyes of my, at that time, new boyfriend Wojtek Czyz, four times Paralympic Champion in track and field who was close to end his career after competing in the Paralympic Games in London. On the way to become a professional soccer player, during a match, he suffered a serious injury which leaded to the amputation of his leg. Thanks to his strength and to the support of many people around him, he made his way back to life and to sport, becoming the most successful Paralympic athlete in Germany, and still holding this record.
While sitting and watching the lake, Wojtek told me that his dream in life was to make a circumnavigation once he finished his sporting career and I immediately offered to go with him and share this dream. He couldn’t do anything else but laugh, since, till that moment, I had never been on a boat... but that was not all: Wojtek belived in me and we started to talk about not only sailing around the world, but also trying to help amputees who had been less fortunate than he had. After long talks we decided to set up a non-profit association called Sailing4handicaps, whose aim was to perform a circumnavigation on a sailing boat and build prosthetics on board, to donate to people in need all over the world. This is how the two of us started to travel around searching ...

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