Sailing4handicaps: solidarity cruise

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"The trips I made during competitions allowed me to meet people with disabilities worldwide. I observed how people live locally with disabilities, ie amputation, in countries such as Ukraine, Kenya, India and Thailand. I then realized the existing ditches in the acceptance of people with disabilities, as well as the quality of available prostheses. I realized that people with disabilities, particularly in African countries were often stigmatized as 'crippled', and that their social life is in feeling. Support, understanding and professional approach to disability is inadequate in many places. Parents themselves are ashamed of their children because we imagine that they do not contribute to the well-being of the family. Often, people with disabilities are excluded.
We can change attitudes. Persons with disabilities may also play a full role in society, and if we show them the opportunities available to them and the context permits, these people are able to achieve great things. So I matured the decision to set up an aid project to provide a prosthetic support for amputees. With my girlfriend, Elena, we will travel the world sailing to provide direct assistance in a variety of locations. Sailing4handicaps The Association's mission is to facilitate access to prosthetics for people who need to open up new perspectives. At each stop, the specialized team will work with amputees in the region to their fabricating dentures, then show them how to use and maintain. To do this, the Imagine catamaran has been changed so that the team can prepare and adjust dentures on board."
Elena & Czyz.

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