Sea View: back already!

Published on 01 october 2016 at 0h00

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- What did you like most?
Camille: “The hundreds of Physalia physalis (they look like jellyfish, with a kind of sail) and the glassy sea, when we went swimming.”
- Did you find the time long?
Manon: “Yes, during the first three days when it was very rough.”
- Your favorite moments?
Nicolas: “Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic, the long surfs on the swells in 25 knots of wind, the encounters with dolphins.”
Sophie: “The rays of sunlight piercing the 5000m of deep blue.”
Jules: “A day with 12 knots of wind on the beam, flat sea, which allowed us for once to do 8 knots on the direct route.”
- Which moments did you like the least?
Manon: “The days we were sailing close-hauled, with the waves full in the face.”
Sophie: “Taking in a reef in the middle of the night, with 25 – 30 knots of wind.”
- What did you miss the most during the three weeks?
Nicolas: “Long, hot showers. A few seconds under icy-cold water is not so good!” Jules: “Good conditions so we could sail faster!”
- What annoyed you?
Sophie: “not one fish bit on our line in 21 days. ...

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