Thetys - A Stopover in the San Blas Islands

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Venezuela and its islands (Blanquilla, Tortuga, Los Roques, Les Aves, etc.) are not very safe at the moment, so we are heading straight to the San Blas Islands. We will make a short stopover in Cartagena (Colombia) to stock up for a month, as there are no shops in the San Blas. We will take advantage of this opportunity to fill up with diesel fuel at an unbeatable price. It is with regret that we will leave this former colonial city, nicknamed the «Pearl of the Caribbean». It hypnotizes us every time we stop there. It’s a pure joy to wander through the narrow streets with their colorful facades and wooden balconies decorated with bougainvilleas in a thousand colors. The crossing to the San Blas will be tricky as always, with powerful waves coming from the north of the Caribbean Sea. But it’s worth it to eventually reach paradise. The Archipelago has about 360 islands and islets, but only 60 are populated by the Kuna Indians. They are struggling to keep their ancestral traditions alive. White sand, coconut palms, translucent water. We will never tire of this Robinson Crusoe style scenery where we are alone in the world. Each day, we sail from one island to another snorkeling or scuba diving and exploring the magnificent coral reefs. Lobsters and huge crabs are on the menu every day. As far as sailing is concerned, you need to have your wits abouts you. The charts tend to be inaccurate and we must be careful of the many cays at sea level which can crop up anywhere. We sailed up the Rio Diablo twice. Each time we came across snakes and crocodiles. After a month spent in all of these magical places, it was time for Thetys to head to Colon. There she will prepare to head through the Panama Canal and then finally reach the Pacific...

Who: Toinette & Johan
Where: San Blas Archipelago, Panama, Caribbean Sea. Multihull: Nautitech 542
YouTube: Thetys autour du monde


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