Uummaa - Greenland by Hobie Cat

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Who: Dominique Bleichner and Paola Beneton
Where: West coast of Greenland
Multihull: Hobie Cat 18 Tiger
Facebook: Uummaa Expedition

Discover the first video from the crew of Uummaa

We bought our boat in Ísafjörður in Iceland, and the decision was made very quickly: Over a long weekend, we began preparing the boat, and in particular we strengthened the hulls by adding keelbands, as the bottoms will see a lot of wear every day when we haul them ashore. Since then, the boat has sailed to Nuuk on its own... in kit form and in a container. The big thing about this expedition is that we’ll be sailing on a sports catamaran that’s barely 18 feet (5.5 m) long. This small multihull gives us the agility and contact with the elements that we're looking for. Admittedly, having no cabin means we’ll be exposed to spray and bad weather, but the shoal draft will enable us to take shelter ashore, pitch a tent and explore the environment.

The crew set out on July 10, and are so far dealing with highly variable temperatures, strong currents, calms - not to mention fog – and are keeping a sharp lookout for icebergs!

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