Puerto Rico

Vaga : Puerto Rico and the Islands of Culebra and Vieques.

Published on 01 october 2014 at 0h00

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"Two nights and one day after leaving the French West Indies, we arrived at the small island of Culebra. The formalities had been done without a hitch. We moored at the entrance to the bay, next to the coral reef, which you can actually walk on. The diving is wonderful. Our next stop was Vieques, which we found to be much more authentic. The beaches are deserted and we have the beauty of the sea's vastness all to ourselves. Benoit "Crusoe" refuses to get out of the water, firing at everything that moves! Especially the invasive Red Lionfish and the delicious rock lobsters. A huge barracuda decided to set up home beneath our boat, but we decided not to fish for him, as the predatory fish at this latitude are affected by a dangerous disease: ciguatera. They carry a toxin which they have picked up from the reef fish that they have eaten. Thankfully, the rock lobsters are not affected. We rented a car to ...

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