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Who: Jacob, Charlotte, Lyne, et François
Where: Crossing the Atlantic
Multihull: Lagoon 380 Infinity
Blog :

We often hear that sailing is the longest and most expensive way to get from A to B. This may be true. But it is such a privilege to have a floating home and to be able to move with it from one place to another! In this world where immediacy rules, where desires can be fulfilled at the click of a button, where everything moves fast, we choose to do things differently. To give ourselves the gift of time. Time that we get to spend with our children. It’s not without its ups and downs of course. But there is time to travel, to marvel, to discover, to sail across an ocean. There is plenty to prepare: bags and a life raft, emergency communication devices, a first-aid kit, spare parts just in case... We have to hope for the best, but it is also essential to anticipate the worst, in order to have the best possible chance of avoiding it. We are just a tiny speck in the immensity of the ocean. We can only do our best to deal with the force of the natural elements when they are unleashed upon us. And we can only marvel at so much beauty: in all its simplicity, whether or not we are there to witness it, day after day, nature offers us the most marvelous spectacle. The flying fish, the dolphins, the sunsets, the starry sky and the moon reflected on the water: thank you for all this. During these two weeks, life will have slowed down. We will have lived to the rhythm of the waves and the wind. To the rhythm of a simple life. We don’t know what the children will take away from all this. We hope that the experience of the trip in general will have taught them something, and that moments like this crossing will help them to refocus later in life. Who knows? Crossing an ocean
can seem crazy or grandiose. It doesn’t matter, it happens gradually. For us, this was not the goal of the trip, it was simply one of the steppingstones that we had to take to be able to take advantage of this chance to travel with Vahana.

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