Blue water cruising

Vanuatu, a voyage to the edge of the world...

Published on 01 june 2016 at 0h00

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Why so far away? There's no doubt that if you pick the right time, wonderful moments can be experienced along our own coasts, and even very close to home. But that's not enough for me... Like some of you, I've not always escaped unscathed from my sailing experiences in the South Pacific, yet this third experiencee of sailing there will certainly not be my last.
So what is it that draws one back to Vanuatu? Why is it that its people were named as the happiest on the planet? Perhaps it's their isolation or perhaps the fact that they are a bit old-fashioned? Maybe in these isolated regions, there's a special balance that exists between a generous Nature and a sparse population. In short, as we don't really know the answer, why not try and live it? You will need to "give up" three weeks of your time: something that's not easy, but is one of the reasons that these islands are still pristine...
The archipelago is situated in the South West Pacific, with Fiji to the east, the Solomon islands to the north and New Caledonia to the south. Stretched out across their latitudes over 800km, you can swim in the sea all year round, even in the south during the southern winter, which lasts from June to September. It's during this dry period that you will find the best conditions for discovering the islands' luxuriant flora and fauna, without the crowds (there are less than 22 inhabitants per km_). Vanuatu and its 83 islands cover an area half the size of France, and are a ...

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