W-Alter, or the hard life of a long-term cruiser...

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“1) Do we get bored? It’s different, invigorating, but it’s really not a holiday! Our new way of life seems to be elusive. Honestly, we have hardly yet touched the guitar, the mandalas or the tapestry. Instead we have an active rhythm, randomly divided between sailing, maintaining W-alter, provisioning and ingenious stowage under the seats and in the hulls. The children’s lessons are the only daily 'musts'. 2) Are we at each other’s throats? The magic experience is shared by many women in boats, essential figureheads to the realization of a perfect life. The complementarity of the personalities is intensified. And the encounters with boat friends allow the exchange of books, good food recipes and exploration of the wine stock! As for the children, we bear in mind that it’s not easy being a teenager here or elsewhere; a few dives and shopping outings, as they are growing up, defuse any possible conflicts. In short, ...

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