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For your lifejacket to be operational – and that really is the least we can ask of it – it requires a minimum amount of care and checking. Follow the various operations with us and go out on the water with no worries!

In the last edition of Multihulls World, you were able to set out your needs concerning lifejackets, taking into account your cruising program and the age of your crew. We also reviewed the routine maintenance – cleaning, checking the stitching and the date on the canister of inflatable lifejackets. We are now going to look at servicing a lifejacket with an automatic inflation system which uses a dissolving element (which has now replaced the salt capsule). An operation to be carried out ideally once a year – every two years as a minimum – before the sailing season, for example. Re-arming an inflatable lifejacket is also necessary...when it has been triggered – by falling in the sea, or an involuntary maneuver. We will first deal ...

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