Catamaran basics Setting the gennaker

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1) It all begins with a bag which is sometimes heavy – be careful with your fragile vertebrae. Take your brand-new gennaker onto the trampoline.

Setting the Gennaker step 1

2) Pass the tack line through the block at the end of the bowsprit, then into the jammer. This line can remain in place after the sail has been used.

Setting the Gennaker step 2

3) Installation of the halyard swivel. This allows the gennaker to be rolled without twisting the halyard. Be careful not to drop the shackles, pins and spacer!

Setting the Gennaker step 3

4) The ideal is to attach the head of the sail directly to the shackle at the bottom of the furler. If this is impossible, use an intermediate shackle. Remember to use some thread lock to keep the pins in place.

Setting the Gennaker step 4

5) Now for the furler. The roller line – here in black – is fastened on the upper flange of the drum. If possible, attach the tack directly to the shackle.

Setting the Gennaker step 5

6) The tack line is attached to the furler with a bowline. This line will be adjusted later, when the sail is hoisted.

Setting the Gennaker step 6

7) The spinnaker halyard is attached to the swivel with a bowline. Beware, if the gennaker luff is close to the maximum length, the loop will have to be short.

Setting the Gennaker step 7

8) It is time to attach the sheets, again using bowlines. Each of the sheets must be twice the length of the boat – 24m for our Lipari. One of the two sheets passes forward of the forestay.

Setting the Gennaker step 8

9) Installing the roller line. Be careful with the angles of the line’s trajectory so that it is not ‘derailed’ from the drum, and beware of chafe.

Setting the Gennaker step 9

10) Hoist the gennaker by hand, preferably from the mast foot, so as to limit friction to a minimum and take advantage of your weight…

Setting the Gennaker step 10

11) Obviously the luff cannot be tensioned by hand; the winch will take over. To control the forces, tighten it preferably using the winch handle. Then mark the position of your halyard, and in future you can use the electric winch.

Setting the Gennaker step 11

12) Your gennaker is ready! Use freely from a beam wind onwards for maximum speed and excitement!

Setting the Gennaker step 12

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