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Let’s not beat about the bush: the main danger from toxic products is ingestion...a problem which – we hope – only concerns very young children! Then comes inhalation, contact with the eyes, then with the skin. Poisoning, dizziness, burning, and allergies are the main consequences to be feared. But with high doses and long-term use, this can become much more serious.

What are these toxic products? To start with, fuels – remember that mechanics have been forbidden to wash their hands in gasoline for...30 years. We continue with cleaning products – trichloroethylene and acetone in first place – glues, mainly those with epoxy and neoprene components, and resins. Polyester, epoxy, benzol peroxide, aromatic amines: lots of products to be handled with care, and above all, not to be inhaled. And we don’t always think about them, but batteries are not exempt from danger. ...

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