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Published on 01 february 2017 at 0h00

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The classic situation: superb stopovers, calm sea, beautiful weather and hey presto, the batten pocket rips, or the slider just above the boom becomes detached ... What can you do in an emergency? Can your sail be salvaged? A compilation of the most classic damage...and the means to repair it.

Skippers who carry a sewing machine on board, or even a needle and thread are rare. For this reason, for repairs aboard, we have limited ourselves to the possibility of making a hole, and the use of light line. Not forgetting Insignia, the famous, very powerful adhesive for sailcloth. Our sailmaker then gives details of the definitive repair of the damaged sail.
Among the most classic damage when ocean cruising, we find a tear in the spinnaker, a slider ripped off the mainsail just above the tack, a reef cringle also ripped, but this time because we had forgotten to undo the knot, the torn batten pocket on a mainsail which has flogged for too long, and finally, the genoa leech torn at the level of the spreaders. And here we are talking about sailcloth in good condition. Because exposure to UV – six months is sufficient – literally burns a sail. A major classic? The genoa rolled the wrong way, with the anti-UV strip on the inside. Not to mention the unfortunate bits of the mainsail, most often the headboard or the foot, which escape from their cover... Take care of your sails, and they will cause you fewer problems!

A tear in the spinnaker

Why does this happen?
Once ...

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