Catamaran basics

Published on 01 october 2016 at 0h00

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For a long time, the lifejacket amounted to an uncomfortable assembly of foam, covered with orange material. Today, with the generation of automatically inflating models, it has become more comfortable to wear. A good reason to put it on!

In France, the legislation has floats are out, priority is now given to individual equipment! This is now defined according to its buoyancy: 50 Newtons for sailing less than 2 miles from shelter, 100 N between 2 and 6 miles and finally more than 150 N for more than 6 miles. The professionals sometimes use 200 or 275N, suitable for the most extreme conditions.
The opportunity to get the old lifejackets out of your lockers and take stock: what are your needs aboard? What are the main risks of falling overboard ...

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